Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

It's the season to be jolly, festive and glamorous. Opted to wear this whole ensemble to our gym's Christmas party, chose to play it classy and simple but added extra oomph with my statement earrings.

Top and Leather paneled leggings, H&M. Shoes, Forever 21. Clutch, Christian Audigier. Knuckle ring, Bring.

And here's the cherry on top.... my favorite accessory for the season.

My Mango earrings. 

Now that's a statement I'm willing to make.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Extra length

I have always been afraid of trying out something new, taking risks and going out of my comfort zone. Same goes with the way I dress, I go for something casual, never over the top and I usually just blend in. But sometimes, putting more effort into your dressing and receiving tons of compliments of how great you look when you actually try something new is quite rewarding.
For this entry, I'm sharing how a 5 feet girl from the suburbs, where people are used to normal, sport a maxi dress. Yes, I dared to wear a maxi skirt and dress inspired by Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Bilson and the like.

Top and Skirt, H&M.

My first and only tip, make sure the length is appropriate, not too long and draping on the floor or not too skimpy. Then just play with proportions and the kinds of fabric. In the picture, my skirt is made with light, jersey material, straight  cut and quite body hugging, I paired it with a chunky-ish sweater to add volume to the overall look. Since the skirt is long enough not showing enough skin, I opted for an off shoulder top. Flats can be worn for a bohemian chic kinda' feel into the entire wardrobe.

Dress, Forever 21.

With this dark hued maxi dress, I feel like it elongates my body even more. It creates an illusion that I am "taller". Paired it again with flats, but could also be worn with heels for more height, with heels though, i'd make sure the dress covers the entire shoe and just falls right on the floor for a perfect "taller" feel.

Sometimes it's also good to try something new. Even in small things, it makes big difference and let you actually think you can actually try and do something out of the ordinary. Right now, I feel the need of adding more maxi dresses and skirts into my closet. If you haven't tried it out yet, go and don't be afraid.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I am currently an out of school youth, unemployed and jumping around cities exploring. In simple terms, I am pretty much a bum. My friends always encourage me to blog again, so maybe this time, I'd give it a shot. Again.
Here's a quick outfit and foodie post!

Although my Jeffrey Campbell shoes seem loud and attention grabbing, they still could pass for casual, everyday shoes since they are so comfortable, wore them from lunch time til midnight. 12 hours to be exact and I survived. It was just like walking in flats. I am PRO comfortable shoes now, no matter how great it looks if i can't walk in them, I ditch them. Ahhh this made me want more JC shoes! I am in love. On another note, my Givenchy Nightingale bag is my company whenever I travel, I used to find it high maintenance coz of the delicate lambskin leather, it has stood with me despite the heavy load and it is very easy to carry with the shoulder strap with it.
These 2 are just my favorite things right now, just thought I'd share.

Top, Zara. Shorts & Silver Cuff, H&M. Shoes, JC Lita. Bag, Givenchy Nightingale

We had breakfast at the famous Robot Resto and Lounge. It was early in the morning so no one was really there, we just wanted to experience the place and give it a try. The breakfast menu only had few selections and was priced decently. The interior of the restaurant was very futuristic and nice although it is no longer maintained, the service was extremely slow and our food was served after an hour (no joke). The food was good though, it was light but hearty and the presentation was lovely.
Breakfast: Japanese Omelet at Robot

We have been wanting to try YABU House of Katsu at SM Megamall Atrium ever since, people have been raving about it. Alas, I know what the hype is all about now. I ordered Hire Katsu, it is a lean pork with the fat trimmed off, with sides of unlimited cabbage and Miso soup. I tell you, my katsu was so soft, it melts in the mouth, my friend ordered the same thing, and didn't even know she had pork if i did not tell her, all the while she thought she was having chicken, yes it was that lean and soft!!! I would definitely come back for more! I enjoyed my whole katsu experience.

The best Hire Katsu at Yabu

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just another lazy day

I seriously thought I have gotten past my thesis editing, but no, we meet again, I am typing this post as I am printing my thesis, the heat is scorching and yet I have to go back to school. That's life, I must move on. Anyhow, here is another outfit post taken one lazy sunday afternoon. Oh how I love to be lazy, my day would just be going to the mall, have coffee and watch a movie with friends.

 cropped top, forever 21. shorts, vanilla sky. flats, zara. rayban aviators. bag, steve madden.

Life is at its finest when you could just wear something comfortable and feel happy on it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Color Blocking Attempt

Been updating almost every day! Gaah, I miss this. Anyhow, the color blocking trend is everywhere and I'm jumping in the bandwagon. This is my lame version. Wore this out on a casual dinner party with gym-mates.

top and jeans, h & m. shoes, lucky brand. bag, chanel. necklace, claire's.
What's your favorite color combination for color blocking?

On another note here's my "woven like" Lucky Brand Flatforms, they are comfortable and stylish to boot. And they seem sturdy and very well made, definitely worth it. I love them.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Casual Weekends

Out on a date night with friends. I was actually trying to do color blocking though the picture doesn't really show. Wore a coral top and elecrtic blue bandage sandals both from H & M. Paired it with Louis Vuitton bag for a classic touch.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Girl Again

 I rarely dress up since the summer weather is too humid right now but it was my BIRTHDAY yesterday and I could not pass up on putting on an outfit and taking a picture of it to post in my blog HAHA. Well anyways, here you go:

Photo credit: my friend Vally
 Pleated batwing top, Encore. Shorts, H & M. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Rings and necklace, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Bangles, H & M.

I wore this whole ensemble with a Mulberry Alexa bag in Watermelon, I wasn't able to take a picture with it though, but you get the picture, the hot pink lips and the bag adds color to the nude pink outfit. Ahhh, how I missed blogging, putting an outfit together and adding inches to my height. Gaah! Feels good to be a girl again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dream bags

Dream bag 1: Tri color Celine Mini Shopper

Dream bag 2: YSL Muse Two
Images from