Saturday, September 18, 2010

cheap thrills

I was never really fond of make up, until my Aunt tagged me along to the big department stores where beauty assistants offer to do you a make over, one I remember most is from Napoleon Perdis at the Westfield Mall in San Francisco, he taught me that I needed to apply concealer and eyeliner and a bit of tint on my cheeks and lips then I got instantly hooked with Michelle Phan's youtube videos and a whole lot of people making tutorials too.
To make the long story short, I have researched my way to the make up world, and being jobless and relying my mom for financial support, I have worked my way on where to scrimp or spend. For now I'd be sharing my favorite DRUGSTORE MAKE UPS and Whether to SAVE or SPLURGE on an item, I'm no beauty expert, I just share from my own experience, and hope it helps you too. =)

Splurge on Foundations but this drugstore find could be an alternative you would love

Neutrogena Mineral Sheer Liquid Make up - it feels so light you won't even notice you have foundation on! Highly recommended =)
id Bare Mineral Essentials foundation and mineral veil - they give the right amount of coverage and doesn't look cakey, trust me, you'll look flawless day and night.

Splurge on Blush, Bronzers and Powders
Luxury powders have been pulverized to such a degree that you can layer and layer without ever looking like a clown, according to Marie Claire beauty editor, Didi Gluck in the magazine.

My best purchase yet is my Nars Orgasm and Laguna Duo, they both are the perfect team.
One thing I also have in my make up drawer is a blush/brozer from Models Prefer which gives me a beautiful instant glow.

Mascara and eyelash curlers:

Maybelline, Loreal and Revlon has come up with equally great Mascara.

Maybelline Lash Stilleto - this would make your eyes pop and bright

Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash curlers - not ready to splurge with Shu Uemura? This can be right at your side and does i's job perfectly.

Eyeshadow and Eyeliner:
SAVE on Eyeliner and on Eyeshadow, although some people swear by expensive eyeshadows to last all night, like the Dior 5 Colour eye palette, I am a strong believer on saving on eyeshadows and SPLURGING on primers, I have used Urban Decay Primer Potion and through the night my MILANI Runway Eyes palette stayed on and feirce! Loreal deCrease is the cheaper alternative.

I am equally inlove with Maybelline's 2in1 instant eyeshadow and liner too, very smooth and easy to apply. But i seriously regret not getting the $16 Harajuku liquid pen liner. It was dark, easy to apply and comes in a whole lot different colors. Now I wish I used my head that time. =(

Face Primer:
Rimmel Fix and Perfect face primer
Do we really need it? I only put it on if I go out to parties at night or something that requires dressing up, perhaps it holds the foundation longer and maybe a less oily skin. One thing you could also use is MONISTAT Chafing gel as face primer. I have read a lot of good reviews. You can read more about it HERE.

So here are some of the things I have tried and I hope it helps you if you are just starting to use make up. Try experimenting first and work you way up the ladder. Practice makes perfect and you'll find the perfect ones for your skin too.