Tuesday, March 23, 2010

light as a feather... soft as a cotton

Hey blogworld!! I miss posting... It's very strange of me but lately I have been detached with my computer. I haven't touched it for days. Well, I have been doing nothing actually, by nothing I mean jogging in the morning, graduation practices whole day, sleeping and playing with my ipod all through out the day. I get to access twitter and facebook so I don't really bother using my laptop anymore. Boohoo! Well enough of this nonsense.

Saturday is graduation, I leave for the States on the 15th for 3 whole friggin' months! I can't wait to see family, eat good food, rest, stay away from the heat, and SHOP! I will be traveling alone (Manila-US) for the first time! and uh, I'm kinda' envisioning my comfy 12hour plane ride outfit already.

I will be making use of whatever I have in my closet, work on pieces I can use over and over again and are easy to "wash and wear". (There'd be no one to iron my clothes in the States!)

Perfect outfit: slouchy shirt, blazer, comfy/sweat pants. Here are some of my inspirtations





Could this be my slightest chance to layer, wear blazers and THE leather jacket I have been lusting about ever since.

So you, YES! You!
Where are you headed this summer?
Share your insights about this post.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Topshop Spring 2010

Let me talk to you on how I love the latest Topshop lookbook.

Downtown: Mixing fabrics, futuristic shapes and sporty detailing. Slinky harems with hidden zips, bodycon pieces in graphic prints and leggings with power mesh inserts.

Meadow: Billowing chiffon, bleached denim, delicate florals, studded waistcoats, lace-up boots and leather accessories, lace, crochet and intricate embroidery.

Parisienne: Flirty, feminine and fun, featuring stripes, polka dots and pearls. Flouncy dresses, boucle jackets, embroidered tees and playful accessories.

Saloon: Cancan ruffles, saloon inspired frills, broderier anglaise and delicate cutwork. Indigo denim, beaten-up leather and casual canvas, dusty coloured tulles and sun-faded prints.

from nitrolicious.com

Perhaps the collection I loved best was the Meadow look. Time incoporate all the florals in my wardrobe! Gaaah. =) No, I can't have only one favorite. I extremely dig all of 'em. <3

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Friday, March 12, 2010

chain linked.. wrap up!!

I find rub-on tattoos hot as ever now!!
Is it just me or what?
These Chanel spring 2010 sticker/rub-on tattoos are just plain amazing.
There's no freakin chance i'd get the real thing. So perhaps. Get someone from my area to DO IT for me. Hey summer is nearing and I'm almost out of school. Might give it a try..
I like the first picture best btw. It looks like chain stripper stockings minus the nylon. and yup the bracelets are fine too!

photos from google

Monday, March 8, 2010

strut the sidewalk in style

I got excited with style.com's spring 2010 looks. and... I got to play around with shape collage again!!

These are by far my choice for wear/copy-able looks. I get inspired by the simple, clean and a pop of something extremely gorgeous or unique.

P.S. click the photos to enlarge and the name of the designer is on the URL link. =)

shoe lust: MR. ROBOTO

I am alive again. Okay so today was the last of my final exams and phew I'm glad I made it through. My thesis editing is almost over. So I could pretty much do blog walking these days.

travel back to the future with these awesome balenciaga's. they're classic (oxfords, and loafers) but the heels and platforms are soo futuristic. and the colors. they're candy liker. perfect for spring,eh? well, I don't seriously think i'd own one of these but yeah, it makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. IDK!! =p

I am currently, madly and deeply in love with shoes.
WARNING: More shoe posts coming up!!
Geeh. Share your thoughts about these shoes.

image via imelda.com.au

Monday, March 1, 2010

I wish it's always like this...

a day when you really don't have to do anything productive...

this was taken probably weeks ago. i like how the shirt made everything so laid back, I just want my days to be fuss free, "nothing but a t-shirt on"

(shirt, SM. sunnies, f&h. velvet leggings, random. bag, coach. shoes, cotton on.)

EEEK! NOT!! This is totally not my life right now. It is more of dull, complicated and chaotic. First, there are tons of school work for me to finish, there are still so many things to do but I barely have time left. 26 more days to go before graduation, this week is the last week of school stuff, next week are final exams, finalizing of thesis and graduation pracitces.
I'd be pretty busy this week giving my last blow. Need need to study!!
So this is my last post for the week and I'll recover after exams which is on MONDAY!! So hurray!!

I will be doing blogwalking asap! <3


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