Thursday, February 25, 2010

RUN and make it WERQ

Weirdest title ever!! I am running out of ideas!! I keep running out of anything... must must make my brain cells RUN!!

Got the day off today and thought I'd try on my clothes since I never get to wear them.. Ahh! I can't wait for summer... I'd get to wear shorts and skirts!! We have saturdays and sundays as our non school uniform days but we don't get to wear shorts and skirts since we follow a very strict dress code. We basically wear shirts and jeans to school. =) yeah that bland. =p I must admit! I feel very unstylish most of the time. I run out of outfit ideas and almost always feel I have nothing to wear. Oh, here we go again!!

(floral button down, gift. shorts, vanilla sky. belt, SM. shoes, online.)

this floral shirt my mom got me looks vintage, more like granny florals. Paired it with shorts since the heat is unbearable, plus sky high platforms to make me look taller. =P

I saw this shirt from Topshop and grabbed it right away without even trying it on. It appears too big but I guess I could do more with it. I am again in love with the print, so I am trying my best to pull it off. And, yeah, I was never really a fan of stockings with open toe shoes, but I got these stay up black stockings and they matched my Forever 21 wedges well. It may a late response to this trend but I am diggin' it actually. =)

Summer is fast approaching... I smell floral prints,khaki, nude, whites, shorts, and cropped shirts. Oh no! I pray for cold weather, rain!! please come.
Note to self:
must get the perfect white button down. I don't know why, it feels like a necessity.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

taking time to breathe

I recently got back from a 3 day educational trip to Manila and I am dead tired. I just have been sleeping the whole day! We weren't able to go around shopping but I managed to get some stuffs from Topshop which I will share soon!!

For now, I'd like to share this awesome shirt I got. It's a work of art. I love the print.

It looks like an awesome painting.

and these are my favorite cuffs as of the moment.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

latest love

Major exams are finally over. We have a school trip this coming Thursday to Manila, I don't really expect to go extreme shopping but hopefully I get my hands on something... perhaps, new shoes?

Here's something before I hit the sack.

I have this great fascination with laces and I recently acquired this top, the back part is sheer and I am diggin' the lace pattern. Can't wait to wear it out. =)

Finding the perfect blazer has been my long dream, the one with the right color, not too thick and heavy, and yeah I finally found it plus it has little silk flower details on the left pocket!! <3>or even just the cold breeze!!

(bow tie necklace, gorgeous. zipper flower cuff, online. sunnies, vintage.)

The sunglasses are vintage, my guy friend gave to me, i think it's even older than me! It belonged to his grandmother.

Monday, February 15, 2010

RIP Alexander Mcqueen


I still can't believe it. sigh* This is tragic. He was one of the best and talented designers.

May he rest in peace.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I received this award from Toni of Perfumed Red Shoes THANK YOU SOO MUCH! I really appreciate it.

Now, I pass it on to:
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This Glamorous blog award is from Michelle of g&b.
I pass it on to:
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

there is no such thing as too much

It has been almost 6 weeks since I posted my 2010 wish list... And some of them are now granted (although they are not really the exact same thing as shown in the list) with unexpected surprises in between..

I originally wanted a Monogram, but my mom wanted a Damier, I gave in.. I was like, whatever works, Damier it is, BUT eventually she got me Monogram. I am more in love with the Monogram design, they look more appealing to me. idk. =p

International wallet instead of the Insolite

Surprises in between...

this Monogram Totally can be my new working bag. It has zippers and outside pockets!!! for a change. =)

My mother was very kind to buy me a Chanel bag. It was a very strange and a BEAUTIFUL surprise on a Saturday morning.

This is an very old vintage Chanel bag from my mother and It's mine now! <3>
I have been trying my best to get my hands on the Louis Vuitton Ballerina's but unfortunately they are not in stores yet, or will they ever be. I'm trying to find a replacement with my old ones and I need them now!!

On a different note...

I recently have been purchasing a lot of fun accessories. They make me happy, they give life to a boring outfit and they're funky. =))

rings from (L-R: Gorgeous, SM Dept. Store, H&M)
I am obsessed with rings, although it's very hard for me to find really nice and unique one's since the choices in Iloilo are very limited, I still manage to grab something which I like though...

I love this owl necklace from Gorgeous (a local accessory shop), it looks exactly with what Forever21 has, only cheaper ($3). This purple ring is from my boyfriend's sister. She has the exact same ring in white, I complimented them and she got me a purple one the next day. It's a cute flower cocktail ring.

Yeah so this is it for now. it took me a long time to upload this pictures. geez =))

Monday, February 8, 2010

born wild and free

this photo was not edited, the sparkles from the rings are straight out from the camera. And I loovee it.

(top, zara. jeans, guess. shoes, cutesylicious.)

I wore this last Dinagyang too. was going for casual chic look. I am quite amazed with the shoulder detail of this top, too bad I don't have close up pictures of it, it's still in my friend's camera. Anyways, this it for now. Got school obligations to face =P

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am this addicted

I want to get my hands on Jeffrey Campbell's shoe collection. I am in love with the platforms.
they're available at Solestruck

Monday, February 1, 2010

show me your true color...

I haven't really given time to post something since school has been pretty toxic. I guess this is the downside of graduating, I really haven't felt this much pressure ever!! Just want to show you my new SHOES, I got them first week of January though, just got the chance to take a picture of them... And OHHH I was able to get my hands on a part of my wishlist with some pretty great additions!!! will be posting it really SOON!!

Wore this outfit on a night out with friends during Dinagyang. I am inlove with this cape/blazer. I love the color and the padded shoulders!!