Monday, June 7, 2010


I have been disconnected from the internet for a week!! I went away on a vacation to the Caribbean! It was a 7 day cruise with the Carnival Dream ship. It's humongous, it is Carnival's largest ship and it's the 2nd largest in the world!! They were like 4000+ guests and 1000+ crew members on board but you barely see people crowding. I must say it was the best vacation I've had so far. We went to Cozumel, where the water was so blue I felt like it connected with the sky, next was Carnival's island in Isla Roatan Hondurras, it was just perfect for a lazy day in the beach, and we went snorkeling in Belize where the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world is and finally, I celebrated my 21st birthday in Costa Maya, Mexico. Everything was a great experience I would never forget.

In the ship, you would never get bored, there are always a lot of activities, at night there are always shows in the theater like street dancing, broadway, juggling, and a magic show. The food is beyond delicious, there are a lot of choices, there is a 24 hour international buffet and a sit down restaurant.

It was an overall the best experience, so if you're an eye for vacation, consider cruising as an option.


  1. oh lucky you! that ship is indeed humongous!
    Caribbean cruise is on my top 5 list of must-do activities before I die! haha.

    belated happy birthday Raisa! :)


  2. I would like to go the caribbeans one day, it looks like you had so much fun. Nice pics!!

  3. A Carribean cruise is such a fabulous way to celebrate the 21st birthday... belated happy birthday Raisa! xoxo

  4. Sounds like a perfect vacation! And the dish definitely looks OM NOM NOM worthy.

  5. that shrimp looks delicious, uch a cute blog btw :)

  6. what an exciting holiday! and fabs photos!!

  7. A cruise to the Caribbean ... I'm so jealous!


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