Sunday, December 18, 2011

Extra length

I have always been afraid of trying out something new, taking risks and going out of my comfort zone. Same goes with the way I dress, I go for something casual, never over the top and I usually just blend in. But sometimes, putting more effort into your dressing and receiving tons of compliments of how great you look when you actually try something new is quite rewarding.
For this entry, I'm sharing how a 5 feet girl from the suburbs, where people are used to normal, sport a maxi dress. Yes, I dared to wear a maxi skirt and dress inspired by Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Bilson and the like.

Top and Skirt, H&M.

My first and only tip, make sure the length is appropriate, not too long and draping on the floor or not too skimpy. Then just play with proportions and the kinds of fabric. In the picture, my skirt is made with light, jersey material, straight  cut and quite body hugging, I paired it with a chunky-ish sweater to add volume to the overall look. Since the skirt is long enough not showing enough skin, I opted for an off shoulder top. Flats can be worn for a bohemian chic kinda' feel into the entire wardrobe.

Dress, Forever 21.

With this dark hued maxi dress, I feel like it elongates my body even more. It creates an illusion that I am "taller". Paired it again with flats, but could also be worn with heels for more height, with heels though, i'd make sure the dress covers the entire shoe and just falls right on the floor for a perfect "taller" feel.

Sometimes it's also good to try something new. Even in small things, it makes big difference and let you actually think you can actually try and do something out of the ordinary. Right now, I feel the need of adding more maxi dresses and skirts into my closet. If you haven't tried it out yet, go and don't be afraid.

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