Friday, October 9, 2009

Monica Fig

MONICA FIG. - I DIE!! i want them badly TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY? =( Both are almost 6k each. contemplating. Good Investments or NOT? Ugh!! shoes! they're bugging me


  1. Aaahhhhh I wanted those too when I saw it in Monica's blog a few weeks ago.. I wanted the Vega booties sana pero when I saw the French Bulldog lace (the 1st one) super I wanted it na.. It looks so nice no? parang architectural chuva siya..=)Mejo mahal nga lang no? pero I think it's worth it.. Get the mesh shoes maganda kasi sa kanya is the piping na blue, parang kakaiba..

    ps. Are the Melissa shoes comfy?

  2. Waah 6k.. but they are beautiful. I love the purple Vega's.

  3. Aww they're true beauties. thinking (WISELY) about getting them..
    thanks for dropping by!


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