Sunday, October 25, 2009

style bunny

Revival of head bands = Bunny Ears from Louis Vuitton Autumn (Fall)/ Winter 09/10

They're cute and all but I don't see my self wearing them

How to wear it

Do: go for tousled bedhair, a simple up-do, or 60's sex-kitten voluminous locks; be fashion-forwards, daring, and confident; have fun with it.

Don't: spoil it by wearing cheap costume props. The appeal is in the luxury. This doesn't necessarily mean spending bucketloads, just choosing quality materials and well-crafted accessories.

Do: wear it for a night out, day at the races, and any fun or frivolous activity. A big set of bunny ears is probably not so great for the office.

Don't: wear it with outfits that are too cutesy or girly; it's a fine balance between smoldering sexiness and girly innocence that makes this trend so workable.

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  1. I think they could be fun. A very specific venue though...


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