Monday, November 23, 2009

RIP Daul Kim

In a devastating update on the 20-year-old model's death, it was confirmed that Kim was found hanged in her Paris apartment. Police are working on the assumption that she hung herself.
She will be missed.


  1. Hi Raisa thanks for always leaving sweet comments on my blog.. really appreciate it.. suotin mo na din ung leopard tights mo go!! Kakasad what happened to Daul she's so promising pa naman no?

  2. P.S. have you watched new moon already? Naloka ako kay Jacob! Hotness galore!

  3. Hey hey mads,
    already did the tag. problem is, i do not know who to tag back yet. I will come up with one soon!
    I was shocked of what happened to her, well all of us were I guess.

    Oh gosh, jacob is new moon. he was the main attraction. i find the movie too dragging though, i waited for action. didn't really feel it.
    Thanks for dropping by!!



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