Wednesday, December 16, 2009

match made in heaven

these shoes were meant to be mine. they were sold out in most of the stores but still, I was able to get one, and they have it only in my size! wow.

Okay here's the story, I went in the store with hopes I get to see a jimmy choo, I look around, look around, and look around some more, pick up some stuffs and i still kept looking, I have seen this shoes before (online), I fell in love with it, but I never actually thought I'd own it. I saw it on the rack, I picked it up, I tried it on, i didn't really dig it, I thought it was too much for me. I carried it around the store, then I took it back. I looked around again, and I saw a girl trying it on, I fell in love with it, she took it back. I rushed to my mom and I finally brought it home.


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