Monday, December 28, 2009

will i be more confident if i was thinner?

I miss being thinner. I hate it when I can not wear most of my clothes, and when I can not wear most of the clothes decently coz I always look too fat. I hate being fat by I am not doing anything about it. When will I start? got to get moving. =( LET FASHION BE A MOTIVATION?


  1. YOU are not fat...

    I love your bag of course. I love bags more than shoes.

    PS...I had to study photography kasi alien talaga sa akin yan nung araw. Puro auto-mode lang alam ko gawin. Hahaha! So i decided to enroll, nung araw they have courses offered sa CCP so that's where I studied. Up to now, it's still a learning process. I still attend refresher courses.

  2. Oo nga, we're so funny, we are blog chatting but I do that often so okay lang. Chat away. I'm following your blog already.

    About your question: You'll get the blurry background effect when you use the biggest opening of your lens. If you're using a kit lens, my guess is the biggest opening is around 3.5 or 4 right? You can still create blurred background with that opening as long as the subject is far from the background. But my advice is for you to get a portrait lens with the biggest opening around 2.8 or less.

    Now for the dark photos in clubs, yung built-in flash ng camera is not enough so dapat meron ka external flash. I can advice you to up the ISO pero super grainy naman pics mo. But if grainy is okay with you (kasi nice din naman ang effect), I suggest you raise the ISO to 800 or 1000.

  3. Go for the 1.8, that's perfect even for night shots.

  4. TOMS shoes is available in all Nothing but Water stores. The nearest to you I guess is the one in Boracay.

    If you have more questions, feel free to ask ha.

  5. Anytime Raisa... my pleasure! :-)

  6. Raisa ano ba yan pareho tayo!! I gained so much weight not only because of the holidays pero 2 months before pa.. I plan to do something in January..Sana matuloy kasi sayang ang mga outfit haha.. GOOD LUCK to us! thanks for always stopping by.. Added you to my link list pala..

    ps. YEY for BFs! tagadala ng mga camera haha


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