Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Been really busy this week. Well at least I think so, but yeah I have research to finish which I really haven't started yet. I have all these plans in mind but I just can't seem to find the drive to start. Then, I have this very unexpected trip to Macau on Friday, it really just came out of the blue. Prelim exams will be next week too and I just don't know what to do first. I will probably be back as soon as I get my research starting... pray for me please. =P

Leaving you off with this picture. I am in love with the gold hardware. It is just right fierce for me. I believe the headband is from Givenchy, $500. No friggin' way. But it's love. =) I don't think I could pull this off without looking like a "demon" like EUGENIE NIARCHOS. I'd probably never get tired of this trend.

image source: jak and jil

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  1. love the headband. It's kinda theatrical, but it's really cool.

    btw we're using prime lens for our photos. Love the bokeh!


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