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One thursday evening, while I was very bored much waiting for the New Year to start, a somehow great idea popped into my mind (well for me at least) I wanted to name my Top bloggers and Top fashion icons of 2009. So I went first with my top bloggers since I already had a clue of who they were. I immediately emailed them for consent, and run through each and every page of their blog to take down some notes. I guess I just wanted a feature not really an interview since I'm kinda' dumb ass when it comes to these writing stuff, I'm pretty much good at putting together what is available. So here goes:

We do have what we call now Fashion Bloggers, independent women who break the rules of fashion to speak their mind, show their creativity and share the world the beauty that's not often seen. They have started a scene of their own, putting and sharing them selves out for the world.

Who struck me most: (in no particular order)
Noelle of Noelle Chantal - just a girl in between inspiring styles and beautiful places. Her blog says it all, Noelle combines fashion, nature and beautiful scenery at one. This 26 year old fashion blogger has caught my eye instantly, from her beautiful pictures in Dubai (mosque's and deserts), from nature trips and most of all her Outfit posts.

I love!!! her great fashion finds: thrifted buckled top (Php 30) (GO TO outfit) paired with cut-off shorts and MNG heels, her wide array of great pieces of jewelry from egypt, and mikimoto pearls and her pictures with beautiful scenery. Plain breath taking.

Noelle Chantal

Mads - the miss congeniality in my blog world. She was perhaps the first person I have ever commented on (and actuxally got ecited about it, it was about Guam) and got a comment from. She shares a very quirky and fierce passion for fashion. It's always a fashion plus that she's a doctor, being busy in the hospital but still manages to look FAB =) hence, her blog. fashionisthebestmedicine

I love her great ideas of how she turned a skirt into a dress, what she made with the leopard print robe she got from SM Surplus turned into a FAB and DIVA-ish blazer and how she scored her BALMAIN-esque blazer in a thrift shop in Baguio.
It's always amazing with her style, something unexpected and out there.

Her life is like a party on the BEACH!! Vibrant, free and over the top!! that's Danielle of trustme-itsparadise. Colorful nail polish, half shaved head (i do not know what to call it, Dane's hairstyle maybe?) bubbly/girly/rock-ish style. That's how I see her feirce make up, great accessories and unpredictable style!! Never afraid of giving anything a TRY!!
I love her DIY body chain necklace, her fab outfit posts and just about anything of her style and creativity!

The teenvogue intern JazziMcG. She made me fall inlove with the YSL Imperiale Pumps!! Her Alexander Wang DIY socks and most of all her Beauty recommendations. Pisst!! She shares INTERN tips and a whole lot of advice, both beauty and fashion. She simply is a great source of inspiration!

Maegan of Love Maegan - Why buy when you can DIY? She is completely creative blogger at her best!! she DIY's christian Louboutin's Rose Petal Sandals and Clutch, Tom Bins-ish jewelry, feather skirts, tassel earrings, and YSL cage sandals name it!! She does it. =)

Lexy of Quirky Explosion - ahh! I see bright colors and smiles everywhere. She is bubbly and happy when it comes to dressing up, she makes it seem that it's not a big deal, fashion should be fuss free, and she is never afraid to mix and match colors. Perhaps, a happy personality wraps it all up and makes everything work, her outfits are not the make it or break it kind, it's just always working. Most of all, she scores great vintage finds too. I just love lexy's quirky personality.

I love that she makes her own skirts, all the mix of colors and prints in an outfit. (the florals). And yeah, I love that she could draw!! I see a very bright future in her (art/fashion related)

like any other girl, she is determined and goal oriented, that's what I like about Michelle of glistersandblisters. She strives to be on top and SHE IS!! I came across her blog through Mads, I must say, I got hooked instantly!! This 17 year old has a crazy bag and shoe collection!! She is very versatile, she can be a girly girl and a tough chick at any moment. I love that she does not only talk about fashion but also great food. And updating her blog almost always is a MUST!! I just can't stop reading about her.


  1. thanks for the feature dear :D
    i'll put this up on my blog soon !

  2. hi, Raisa! WOW, thank you so much for the feature! and for making me as of of your Top fashion blogger. it means a LOT!

    will share this to my readers soon. have a great day! :)

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  4. oh by the way, the buckled top from my go-to outfit is only 5 Pesos not P30. hehe :)

  5. i've posted this up on my blog !
    thanks for the lovely comments darling.
    appreciate the time you took to visit my blog !
    keep posting up great inspirations..
    x. Michelle.. visit, comment , follow me at .
    glisters and blisters :D

  6. wow, really great post!
    i am a follower of most of the people u've posted and they have really good style..indeed!


  7. like Gizelle, im a follower of most of these gorgeous ladies too!
    their blogs are a must-visit for me everyday!


  8. gorge list honey, Noelle is gorgeous and she posts stunning photos!
    fab post

  9. Raisa wow thanks for this feature!!=) Haaayy sana I could write like you.. I super appreciate this.. Sorry I only got to comment now kasi I'm super busy with my new rotations sa OB.. I remember nga ung 1st exchange of comments natin was about guam nga and you were super helpful! Kakaaliw na almost all of the bloggers you featured are my fave also..

    ps. your new hand me down is super fab!! that's a discontinued piece na diba? Lucky!

  10. AWWW. Thanks girl! You're so sweet and I love how you made all the pictures so collage like. I'm so excited!! Hehe. I'm tweeting this and definitely going to post this on my blog, soon.

    Thanks again!


  11. Youre so sweet! Thanks for the feature.. You have quite a flair for writing =)


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  14. Ahhh I love her!

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