Monday, January 25, 2010

spinning round and round

I had a semi one week off last week. Our school celebrated its University Week, so no LECTURE!! But unfortunately, I'm "On Call". So I go duty in the Operating Room everyday and only get off when there are no operations. Weekend was a blast though, we didn't have review classes since ILOILO celebrated the DINAGYANG festival (merry making and dances in honor of Se ῆor Sto. Ni ῆo). It actually is the number 1 tourist event in the country. My friends and I joined the fun, usually TEENagers go on night outs, and yeah we did for dressing up sake, well I really did not intend to go out and party but I was kinda' persuaded to go (I wanted to rest that weekend). But I'm glad I actually went out to spend time with my friends and catch up!!
On a Sunday morning, the DINAGYANG contest began (different tribes compete, they do ethnic dances as Negritos in honor of the Patron, they wear beautiful and colorful costumes, and they paint their bodies black). We used to watch it Live but this year my parents passed so my friends and I joined them on the streets and had pure FUN!! We didn't watch the contest proper but we watched the street dancing competition of the different tribes. Here are some amateur photos I took.. I am starting to love my DSLR camera...

(click photos to enlarge)

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  1. happy dinagyang raisa!!..i never got the chance to get to experience the dinagyang festival everytime i visit iloilo :( maybe next time..soon..hehehe :D

    i love your outfit, perfect for the weather and such a cute necklace! close up maybe next time? :)


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