Monday, February 1, 2010

show me your true color...

I haven't really given time to post something since school has been pretty toxic. I guess this is the downside of graduating, I really haven't felt this much pressure ever!! Just want to show you my new SHOES, I got them first week of January though, just got the chance to take a picture of them... And OHHH I was able to get my hands on a part of my wishlist with some pretty great additions!!! will be posting it really SOON!!

Wore this outfit on a night out with friends during Dinagyang. I am inlove with this cape/blazer. I love the color and the padded shoulders!!


  1. I love the colors of the blazer... perfect for the festival. And the shoes are awesome.

  2. amazing blazer! love the shoes, too <3

  3. I'm totally inlove!! I super love the blazer and shoes <3333

  4. I heart your blazer and your pumps! so YSL..=)

  5. Beautiful shoes!



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