Monday, February 8, 2010

born wild and free

this photo was not edited, the sparkles from the rings are straight out from the camera. And I loovee it.

(top, zara. jeans, guess. shoes, cutesylicious.)

I wore this last Dinagyang too. was going for casual chic look. I am quite amazed with the shoulder detail of this top, too bad I don't have close up pictures of it, it's still in my friend's camera. Anyways, this it for now. Got school obligations to face =P


  1. i absolutely love your first pic the sparkles are amazing. :) dont you just love it when that happens :)

    cute outfit! :)

  2. Loving the blings on this post!

    As for the DIY necklace u saw on my blog, here are the steps:

    STEP 1: Buy a thicker chain. Cut two strands of equal length (measure it from the back of ur neck to how long u want the necklace to be). Place them on a flat surface parallel to each other.

    STEP 2: Buy lots of thinner chain. Cut smaller strands from the thinner chain. As u cut, increase the length of each strands by 2 hoops every time.

    STEP 3: Then use small jump rings to fix the multiple strands of the thinner chain to the thicker chain, leaving one hoop interval on the thicker chain. I start from the bottom ends of the thicker chains then work my way up.

    STEP 4: Once you're done fixing the multiple strands of the thinner chain to the thicker chains, use a a closing/opening clasp to attach the upper ends of the thicker chains together.

    Oh ull also need a cutting plier to cut the chains (or if u have strong scissors, that will do as well) and a normal plier to hook the jump rings to the chains!

    Hope ull be able to make it! good luck!

  3. i am loving all the sparkles!
    i have something for you on my blog, btw.
    please some and get it? :)

    have a wonderful evening ahead!


  4. raisa your rings are super cute!! love the sparkles! I hope to get back to blogging soon but my sched's super hectic lately..=( hope everything's well with you..=)

  5. Hi Raisa!

    Yey, another Pinay blogger! I want to raid your closet ... I'm drooling over your bags!


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