Tuesday, February 9, 2010

there is no such thing as too much

It has been almost 6 weeks since I posted my 2010 wish list... And some of them are now granted (although they are not really the exact same thing as shown in the list) with unexpected surprises in between..

I originally wanted a Monogram, but my mom wanted a Damier, I gave in.. I was like, whatever works, Damier it is, BUT eventually she got me Monogram. I am more in love with the Monogram design, they look more appealing to me. idk. =p

International wallet instead of the Insolite

Surprises in between...

this Monogram Totally can be my new working bag. It has zippers and outside pockets!!! for a change. =)

My mother was very kind to buy me a Chanel bag. It was a very strange and a BEAUTIFUL surprise on a Saturday morning.

This is an very old vintage Chanel bag from my mother and It's mine now! <3>
I have been trying my best to get my hands on the Louis Vuitton Ballerina's but unfortunately they are not in stores yet, or will they ever be. I'm trying to find a replacement with my old ones and I need them now!!

On a different note...

I recently have been purchasing a lot of fun accessories. They make me happy, they give life to a boring outfit and they're funky. =))

rings from (L-R: Gorgeous, SM Dept. Store, H&M)
I am obsessed with rings, although it's very hard for me to find really nice and unique one's since the choices in Iloilo are very limited, I still manage to grab something which I like though...

I love this owl necklace from Gorgeous (a local accessory shop), it looks exactly with what Forever21 has, only cheaper ($3). This purple ring is from my boyfriend's sister. She has the exact same ring in white, I complimented them and she got me a purple one the next day. It's a cute flower cocktail ring.

Yeah so this is it for now. it took me a long time to upload this pictures. geez =))


  1. Congrats girl... glad you got almost all the things on the list. Love your new Chanel. And the Monogram Totally is so nice. xoxo

  2. wow! how sweet is your mom?!!! i love your new channel. and i drool of the vintage one. =)


  3. This is insane! I'm totally lovin' the bags and accessories!


  4. i love your new Chanel! plus the new LV bags too! my ultimate fave from all my LV bags is mom's very very old little LV monogram that she gave to me. happy for you with all the new stuff! :)

  5. i love this entire post. this gets such a big score from me. lol

  6. ganda nung 1st bag. i want one too. too bad i'm poor. :(


    both chanel bags are GORGEOUS! enjoy!

  8. i freakin love all of those accesories you posted up ! own things are soooo cute :D

  9. I want to have your mom, surprising you with a chanel bag? I can't tell you how long I've been lusting over the classic chain bag for some time now-lucky girl!

  10. WOW! You own like all of my dream bags! ♥ *envies*


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