Friday, March 12, 2010

chain linked.. wrap up!!

I find rub-on tattoos hot as ever now!!
Is it just me or what?
These Chanel spring 2010 sticker/rub-on tattoos are just plain amazing.
There's no freakin chance i'd get the real thing. So perhaps. Get someone from my area to DO IT for me. Hey summer is nearing and I'm almost out of school. Might give it a try..
I like the first picture best btw. It looks like chain stripper stockings minus the nylon. and yup the bracelets are fine too!

photos from google


  1. So did you get your tattoo Raisa? xoxo

  2. cute cute cuuuteee!
    love your blog!
    and who doesnt love chanel?! :]

  3. the clogs are gorgeous!
    the 5th photo is just insane, i love it! :)


  4. oh yes these tats are super hot!
    and the clogs are definitely on my wish-list <3

  5. love chanel and Kaiser Karl is just fab :)

  6. oh clogs. i wish i could pull it off. and i could never get a tattoo even if it's that pretty!

    nice blog dear. come join my giveaway! i love meeting bloggers in the same area as me.


  7. definitely a must try! though, im personally eyeing the clogs.. hmmm where to buy sa pinas...


  8. this is so cool! they look real! love the swallow tat. but nothing beats the real thing! btw, i'm only 5'3 1/23" but the long legs make up for the short height.


  9. ah, i remember making this kind of chain drawings on my skin during my high school days boring classes. i even made one for my best friend haha! :)

    i am craving for clogs too!


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