Monday, March 8, 2010

shoe lust: MR. ROBOTO

I am alive again. Okay so today was the last of my final exams and phew I'm glad I made it through. My thesis editing is almost over. So I could pretty much do blog walking these days.

travel back to the future with these awesome balenciaga's. they're classic (oxfords, and loafers) but the heels and platforms are soo futuristic. and the colors. they're candy liker. perfect for spring,eh? well, I don't seriously think i'd own one of these but yeah, it makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. IDK!! =p

I am currently, madly and deeply in love with shoes.
WARNING: More shoe posts coming up!!
Geeh. Share your thoughts about these shoes.

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  1. whoa!!!
    these shoes are incredible!!!
    i don't think i can carry them though but the designs are amazing...

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    | for the love of accessories |

  2. Amazing shoes... though I don't think I can have the guts to wear them. Hahaha!

    PS... If you want the blurry background, the lens is the key. Choose a lens with the widest opening.


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