Tuesday, September 1, 2009

crowning glory

And it is just right to pay attention to HAIR details too. Oh so much of clothes and shoes. Let's include HAIR in STYLE FOOL.

2009 Haircut trends for women

Well what the trend reporter wanted to say was the BOB cut was in BUT there are 3 types/styles of the BOB cut and they're all IN this season.

1. The cropped bob, as seen with:

katie holmes new hair style: the cropped bob

2. The pixie crop, as seen with:

Beckham keeps on cutting her hair SHORTER everyday.

3. The bob, as seen with:

Heidi Klum, although I prefer her old hair better.

Not all can actually pull the BOB cut. Well obviously not for me since I have big, round fat face. It makes my head look bigger. Oh well, just sharing.

And at long last, the safest hair cut:
4. The long hair

I am really digging this long, wavy trend. It looks so effortless although sleek straight/fresh out of a Rebond session was my favorite hair style before. I must have outgrown it. I still continue getting my hair rebonded though, since they are very unruly and UNTAME-ABLE!!!

Hair styles

Flowing: 2009 hair styles

Add a bit of oomph to a long hair style by wearing it in a heavily voluminous fashion.

Straight and Sleek: 2009 long hair style

The never ending love of straight hair. It will always be in season after season after season...

Mermaid / 1940s Waves with Side-Part

For the love of vintage. They look really classic, the side-part plus the orange-y lips. AWWWW


Single Braids

Double, thin, crown like head bands on pulled up hair.

Side knots/ Side Ponytails

Take your pick. They're all lovely. Our hair needs to be taken cared of the most, it's our crowning glory, it could make or break any OUTFIT. awww I wish I had good, healthy hair.

pictures and article from fashionising.com

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