Saturday, September 19, 2009

over and out

It was kinda' gloomy today so i decided to wear my black blazer again. We went out to eat lunch and do groceries.

snake bracelet and guess watch. my favorites.

I wanted a quick shot with the big mirror at Guess, didn't realize I had the flash turned on. It looks ugh though.

Blazer, G2000. Long Sleeves, i can't recall. Jeans, Guess. Bag, LV. Watch, Guess. Bracelet, Gorgeous. Shoes, SM Dept. Store

The debut of my cheap shoes, okay they were fine for at least 3hours. Over all critic. I'd use them again and again. And I'm giving my LV Vernis Wilshire a break, for like a month already and been using my Neverfull for some time now.

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