Sunday, September 27, 2009

playing dress up part deux

I have always wanted my own leather jacket. I knew i had this jacket from my grandmother but i never thought it was wearable, i have always thought of it as too big and with very wrong color. Unfortunately I live in a tropical country and a suburban area where there is no freakin’ way they’d sell leather jackets at any boutique, except thrift stores.
Well today, I gave it a shot since I really can’t fight the urge of not having a leather jacket. and found out it’s something. Plus it matches the color of the pumps i got a few months back which i haven’t worn still.

tee, sm basics. shorts, vanilla star. shoes, cutesylicious. accessories, Gorgeous.

I got this skirt made from a local tailor, unfortunately she was not able to get my instructions right, I was kinda’ disappointed. HAHA. I will be bringing it to another tailor for alterations. I still like the color of the skirt though. I paired it with this shirt coz i have nothing else in my closet i could grab fast. I wasn’t even able to roll up the sleeves. Ugh!

tee, sm basics. skirt, custom made. shoes, Jessica Simpson.

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